Thursday, 10 November 2011

The month of October part 1 and 2

It's been a month since my last blog and lots has happened since then.
1. My husband finally got a job!
2. My Dad came over for a 10 day visit
3. Two Halloween parties
4. Solitude is not for me. 

The best thing that happened in October was R finally finding a job. It was a year long process and very trying. Originally he had applied for a job at a lab company that I mentioned in September. Well, they never called. In fact it took almost 4 weeks to hear anything, and it came from the recruitment agency. As many of you know, they didn't say no to him but they didn't say yes because they wanted to explore their options. Which really means they didn't want to pay the recruitment fees for the perfect candidate. While he was waiting for the lab company, he applied for a graphic design job at a Irish dress making company. To cut a long story short, he got the design job. When they interviewed him, they didn't realize how much he could do (media wise) and now they are putting him through his paces. He is helping design their new media and working with their website. In fact he's really liking the job and is working up the ladder. It's a perfect fit. We are thankful everyday for God answering our prayers. There is one thing that is kind of funny about the job. There are about 30 employees there and he is the only man. Luck him.

Another great thing to happen to us in October was a visit from my Dad. We hadn't seen him since last August when R lost his job. He fly all the way from Denver, rented a car and drove up to us from Dublin. It was so nice to have him spend time with myself and O. When he had first planned the trip, R was going to be home so he didn't need to rent a car, but since I can't drive yet, he got one and we were able to tour around the countryside. We did a day in Derry, Coleraine, a few trips to Cookstown and a lovely afternoon in Belfast. He'd been here once before and done all the touristy stuff, so this was more of just spending time with his granddaughter. He also came with lots of presents from my Mom for O and I, but O seemed to get the most of them (surprisingly) She warmed up to him right away and they had a great time. We all did.

Grandpa and granddaughter snuggling on the couch with lots of pressies from Granny Morgan

Sightseeing on the walls of Derry
While he was here we also went to two Halloween parties. But that is for another day and since I have a subject it won't be so long in coming. Well, here's hoping anyways.

oíche mhaith

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