Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The month of October part 3 and 4

As mentioned in the last post October was a very busy month for us. While my dad was here, R and I went to two Halloween parties over that weekend. The first one was Friday night at the Errigle Inn in Belfast and the second one was a house party at G & A's new house.

The Errigle was a fancy dress gig by Beoga. We got dressed at R's cousins's house and taxied over to the bar. It was a good gig, a little noisy for the bands but good. Almost everyone dressed up. Some of the costumes were the generic ones you see everyone, while others were down right creative. R, dressed up as Wolverine was responsible for walking around and picking the top five costumes and the crowd would choose from there. The winner was Mr.T, which was a pretty sweet costume. There was also a very tall man with permed hair in an hold Irish dancing dress. He liked to walk around showing his legs, but ended up showing people much more, it wasn't a pretty sight. Overall it was a good night. I dressed up as Storm from the X-men with white contacts and a very tight corset. It wasn't the most comfortable costume and I couldn't sit or see for most of the night.
R and I in our Halloween costumes
R with his Wolverine face.

The next day we went over to G & A's for their Halloween party. They actually had a theme to their's, famous dead people. R went as Bon Scott (first lead singer from AC/DC) and I went as a dead 80's groupie cause I was just costumed out from the previous night. That was also a good night. It was mostly his family, which we had all met before. However, I just really wasn't feeling it, so I tried to go to bed early. However one of the family fell down the stairs and an ambulance was called so that made for an interesting finish to the night.

But all of that leads to part 4 of the month of October. Even though part 4 started in October it keeps going into November. I'm going to preface this with this is not a pity party. This is just me sharing my feelings about what is going on right now in a safe forum. I haven't posted it on Facebook because I wasn't sure how some people would take it if I expressed myself in a short sentence. But I'm lonely. Now that R is gone during the day I have no one to talk to but a little irrational human. They leave at 6:15 am in the morning and don't get home until after 7pm. It makes for a long and lonely day. Another part of this is because R is gone all day I have no car, so if it rains we can't get out of the house at all. This means that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we can't get to Maghera for the mother and toddler groups. So no adult interaction for me. I've started going to one at the Baptist church here in Tobermore, but no one talks to me, even worse than at the start of the Maghera ones, and it seems I can't be their friend unless I convert and join their church.

It comes down to a simple thing; I'm tired of trying to make new friends when all I want is my old ones. The Halloween parties kind of started it all. If I had some of my own friends, I could have sat comfortably and chatted all night long, but where I really don't know anyone outside of R's family it makes it hard to talk to people. Especially when I feel people just don't get my sense of humour. I've never really had a hard time making friends, but over here it feels like people just really don't like or get me. It will get better when I get a real job and hang out with people outside of children, but I miss chats on the phone, Friday beers, and hanging out at other people's houses. With Christmas coming up, I really want to throw a party, but who would come?  It could be worse, there could be no Facebook or skype...

The license will come and friends will come, but it's just hard when you know what your missing.

oíche mhaith

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